Insulating Window

COMBO is the second invisible window of the line EVOLUX . It was developped in 2008.

Its frame made of aluminum and pvc is used as frame/counterframe to be fixed directly on the brickwall or on any other kind of wall; it can be fixed at the middle of the wall or flush to the inner side of the wall. The leaf to be opened is made of lamellar okoumé , which is a ductile  wood with a long durability. It is an optimal solution by lacquered finishes.  

The main characteristic of the COMBO -leaf consists on the elimination of the glazing bead and on the application of a silk-screened tempered glass on its outside . This glass has excellent thermal performances  (double room and triple glass Ug=0,6 W/m²K) .

This solution is proposed with a higher price than the PRIME version. It is particularly interesting when observed at its exterior side; when there are more window leaves, does the two closer glasses give a particular touch of modernity to the window itself and to the facade. Also available in extra large measures with the WINDPROOF EVOLUX HINGE , which becomes a serial product and guarantees a high loading capacity and safety in using it.
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HS Sliding

HS SLIDING PRIME is the new solution of the sliding version of stained glass windows, on which the fix glass flush to the floor makes the lift- and slide window to an undisputed design tool. It can sathisfy requirements  about project  innovation and about aesthetic minimalism, creating modern environment where the space becomes the protagonist in a solution which creates a continuity between the outside and the inner side. Compared to the version PRIME, this one has a higher thermal performance .

The main innovative element consists on the frame made of aluminum and pvc, developped on 4 sides. This is a unique building element, due to its capacity to give the maximum structural  stability to the component which has to be installed on the yard. It brings advantages to the installing process, easily to understand.   

The kind of glass is defined depending on the size and on the desired results. It becomes the main actor, so that the lift-and slide window represents  a structural element with a high composing flexibility .